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Our ERASMUS+ programs, together with foundations from Eger
In 2019, we continued our cooperation with the Eger-based Kárpátikum Foundation and the Agria Geográfia Foundation, which we have been working with for more than five years in the field of non-formal education. Besides the young people from the Ung-region, we also invited participants from around Fülek/ to help more young people from Upper Hungary to participate in the exchange programs.
We have worked with the Kárpátikum Foundation in the following Erasmus + programs:
April 06-14, 2019. „SWOT in NATURE”: English-language program (location: Noszvaj-Várkút) October 12-20, 2019 „Kitchen ABC”: English-language program (location: Felsőtárkány) November 03-10, 2019 "Return to our natural values" Hungarian-language program (location: Bálványosfürdő - Transylvania)

Project "Return to our natural values" - leaflet here:
About Project "Return to our natural values"
We collaborated with the Agria Geográfia Foundation in the following Erasmus + program:
August 31 - September 09, 2019 „Our Little Village”: Hungarian-language program (location: Noszvaj-Várkút)

We participated a youth exchange in  Hungary, called "Our little village". During the programs, our young  participants shared knowledge with eachother about the beauties and  difficulties of rural life. Together, they examined the solutions for  the problems of the rural area and experienced what it's like to live in  a small village. We also talked about how young people can create job  opportunities for themselves, for example, starting a small business,  manufacture handicraft products, growing crops and fruits, and selling  these products.
Between 12th and 14th September, 2019 we organized our “Back to the nature” program with the Kárpátkanyar Association in Sepsiszentgyörgy, where we learned in English language. The Transylvanian project was attended by young people from Poland, Transcarpathia, Szeklerland and the Upper Hungary, and also György Kajati, an instructor from Eger, participated as a facilitator.
The main purpose of the study programs were to enable everyone to use the good practices at home they have learned in the future, and to help disadvantaged young people to get on the labor market more effectively by always protecting the nature and the environment.


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